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The Positioner has been designed for keeping supply units – providing water, compressed air, mains power/electric energy etc. – within easy reach at the desired, manually adjustable height.

It is now possible for the first time to “park” such supply units safely, away of hazardous areas. Whenever required during use, the supply unit can be simply lifted by hand to keep it out of the way. The integrated brake of the 5250 ensures the secure suspension of the supply unit in the chosen position, irrespective of weight changes caused, for example, when connecting or disconnecting compressed-air hoses, electric cables or other media. Likewise, the supply unit can be pulled down manually with ease to the most ergonomic working position.

Using the 5250 thus eliminates any dangers of head or upper-body injuries in the immediate working area, as may occur when using flexible supply lines.

Positioner Type 5250

Our Positioners - An Overview

Kromer Positioner 5250

The optimized solution keeping supply units within easy reach at the desired, manually adjustable height.


The facts:

  • Brake force range between 0,5-6,0 kg and 2,0-7,0 kg
  • Cable extension: 1.5 m
  • Housing made of impact-resistant plastic
  • Spring hook for load suspension
  • Easy brake force setting


  • Safety chain as standard fall protection feature
  • High-strength special suspension spring in riveted design
  • Insulated suspension
  • Very rigid and highly impact-resistant housing