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Spring balancers and other balancers – a wide range of applications

There is an extremely wide range of possible applications for Kromer spring balancers and zero-gravity balancers. Our cable hoists are already being used creatively in a number of industries. Our current divisions include Industries, Sports, and Living. We are happy to develop solutions that fit our customers’ needs precisely and are always open to new ideas and applications. You can become one of our business partners.


You can not find your industry ? We are happy to develop individual solutions together with you, to figure out how spring balancer and zero-gravity balancer could also be used profitable in your field of business!

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Kromer cable hoists are particularly popular in the automotive industry. Almost all well-known car manufacturers and suppliers regularly use our products in such applications as assembly and production. Our spring balancers and zero-gravity balancers help optimally equip modern, ergonomic work stations.
Spring balancers can also be useful in logistics, serving as mounts for charging cables for electrical forklifts in incoming and outgoing goods. Unlike lifting gear, however, they are not suited to goods transport.
Furniture industryFurniture industry
Spring balancers are creatively used in the furniture industry. They can serve as classic mounts – for nail guns during upholstering and covering, for innovative closing systems or sliding-door cabinets.
Sun protectionSun protection
In this area, our practical balancers serve to fasten and stabilize sun sails and awnings. They allow even large areas to be covered quickly and without complication. This is one innovative application of our cable hoists.
In the food industry, spring balancers are used in slaughterhouses and meat-producing plants, for instance. They serve, among other things, to improve handling of devices used and relieve workers of the weight of those devices.
White goodsWhite goods
Kromer spring balancers and zero-gravity balancers are also very helpful for assembling white goods, including such devices as washing machines and kitchen appliances.
Retractors and exercise equipment – can they go together? Remarkably well, in fact! Innovative training aids have been developed in fitness based on our spring balancers and zero-gravity balancers. XBT, Endless Rope, and Pro-X Walker – Kromer keeps you in shape.
Special machinesSpecial machines
Spring balancers and other balancers are popular for special machine construction in the automotive industry, for instance. Discover the wide range of uses.
Other industriesOther industries
Individual application possibilities can be found in many other areas, among them medicine and equestrian sports. Share your own ideas with us, and we will work to find just the right solutions for each requirement.
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