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Industries, Living, and Sports – these are the three pillars of Carl Stahl Kromer. We developed products based on our spring balancers and zero-gravity balancers that can be used in each division. The Sports division is especially important to us. We are pleased to be able to promote exercise and health with our spring balancers and are looking forward to seeing the applications that keep arising in this area.

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Fitness – exercise with our spring balancers

Exercising is important if you want to stay fit and be healthy. Sufficient exercise and athletic activities also contribute to general well-being. Exercise prevents stress, keeps you balanced, and makes you happy. You can get effective, challenging exercise with good, comprehensively tested exercise equipment. Carl Stahl Kromer has cooperated with various partners to develop outstanding exercise aids whose functions are based on spring balancers and zero-gravity balancers. They are easy to operate, achieve great results, and have come to see a great deal of use in professional sports. Kromer products deliver intensive workouts. They are tested by athletes, physicians, and physiotherapists with very good results. The devices are suitable of exercising at home and for professional use. Discover various products and their possible uses and rely on the best quality made in Germany.

Fitness – exercise with our spring balancers

Endless Rope and XBT – stay in shape with Kromer

Another product in the Sports division is the XBT. Its slogan is “Feel the resistance”. It is a training belt which can be used to perform a wide range of exercises. Sturdy cable hoists with steel springs are attached to each side of the belt. They are connected to hand and foot straps with a highly robust cable and can thus be moved and held. With each extension movement, the spring resistance is noticeable. The device can be used for a wide range of exercises such as knee bends, kicks, punches, and jumps. Strength, endurance, and speed are all promoted. The XBT allows individualized and extremely effective training plans for fighting, boxing, and group fitness.

In addition to the XBT, the Endless Rope has attracted attention as a fitness product that was designed in collaboration with Carl Stahl Kromer. The Endless Rope intensively trains the back, arms, and shoulders and is ideal for circuit training and functional exercises. The device can be set from easy to very hard, thus allowing ideal adaptation to performance level. Discover Kromer products in the area of sports and fitness and keep yourself in shape and healthy over the long term with exercise.

Endless Rope and XBT – stay in shape with Kromer
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