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Transporting, storing, and handling goods – logistics requires organization, planning, and smooth processes. The correct framework conditions must be present, of course. Good work station equipment is indispensable for great efficiency and speed. Our cable hoists enjoy great popularity as important work equipment. There are a wide range of possible applications for them in the area of logistics. Discover helpful applications that effectively support your on-site workers and ensure a high degree of safety. For example, spring balancers, zero-gravity balancers, and positioners are used in incoming and outgoing goods in foodstuffs companies. They serve as practical mounts for the charging cables necessary for such things as charging electrical forklifts and pallet trucks. Electricity poses an especially great injury hazard if there is no safe handling concept. High-quality Kromer cable hoists suspend the charging cables, keeping them stable at a safe height where they neither get in the way nor swing, and are pulled down only when they are needed. This allows your workers to work and move around without danger. You can rely on Carl Stahl Kromer, the quality leader – we can provide you with durable, precise products of the very best workmanship.

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Many other uses of the practical handling devices in the area of logistics are, of course, conceivable. We would be happy for you to develop your own ideas and share them with us. Upon request, we will work with you to develop individualized concepts for effectively using cable hoists and balancers in your company, developing solutions that are precisely suited to your needs. Just contact us.

Cable hoists are not suitable for goods transport or constant connecting and disconnecting of various weights. They are neither a means of transport nor lifting equipment, but useful handling devices that are set precisely to a specific load. Unlike competing products, Kromer spring balancers and zero-gravity balancers are especially quick and easy to adjust. Check out our extensive online information and contact us.

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