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Carl Stahl Kromer is also successful in the area of sun protection. In collaboration with a customer, we have developed an innovative sun sail that is held and stabilized by Kromer balancers. It can protect much larger areas from sun, wind, and rain than conventional awnings or parasols can, and it is based on perfectly thought-out technology.

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Creative invention – a sun sail based on our balancers

If you have a large terrace and regularly invite many people over, you will be familiar with the problem: There is not enough shade to keep everyone out of the afternoon sun. Conventional awnings and parasols cover only part of the necessary area. Nor do they provide much protection from rain. Kromer has developed an intelligent solution to this problem in collaboration with dubau – the SunShield. The SunShield is a well-though-out combination of awning and sun sail. It provides protection from sun, wind, and rain and reliably keeps even very large areas in the shade. It is the perfect option for greater comfort in outdoor areas.

Creative invention – a sun sail based on our balancers

Features of the new SunShield

The dubau SunShield is equipped with sophisticated technology that is adapted optimally to practical requirements. The very stable sun sail can be extended much further than conventional awnings and can reliably provide shade to areas of up to 91 m². It is made of robust, water-repellent sailcloth and is resistant to wind; its height and angle can be flexibly adjusted. It also provides effective protection from UV radiation. The SunShield retains its shape in any weather. The mature technology based on Kromer balancers keeps tension and position constant at all times. The sail’s fixing points – on a building façade, for example – cannot be damaged by the increased tension caused by high winds. Its electronic drive is also very user-friendly, and the large sun sail can be remotely extended and retracted. If high winds arise, the sail automatically retracts. It is available in twelve vibrant colors and features an elegant filigree support post design, ensuring pleasing aesthetics. Its appearance and function show the sun sail to be a successful product backed by a great deal of innovation and imagination.

Features of the new SunShield

Sun sail for catering or private use

The sun sail based on our balancers has a wide variety of possible applications. It can be installed almost anywhere, and used privately and for catering. A few examples of its application are restaurants, child care centers, rest homes, and social institutions. At home, you can use it to shade large terraces, yards, or swimming pools. Let your imagination run free and discover how the intelligent sun sail can meet your requirements. You can find more information at

Sun sail for catering or private use
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