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Install white goods using Kromer cable hoists

So-called white goods include various electrical household appliances. Kitchen appliances and washing machines are the primary items that fall under this category. The name was taken from the color that was widely used for the devices in this area.

Much must be done just right if electrical appliances need to work safely and reliably. White goods manufacturers must take great care to ensure that the appliances are functional and free of defects. No errors can be made in design or installation. Safe use is ensured only when all these conditions have been fulfilled. In the area of white goods, it is therefore important to create perfect framework conditions so that workers can concentrate and work precisely. The external conditions must be right. Handling devices are a great help in achieving these conditions. During installation, our cable hoists of leading quality relieve the worker of the tool’s dead weight and position the tool at the perfect height where it poses no hazard. The fitter can work ergonomically and without interruption. Each work step is quick and smooth.

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Carl Stahl Kromer spring balancers and zero-gravity balancers

Carl Stahl Kromer spring balancers and zero-gravity balancers distinguish themselves from the competition with their great precision, performance, and durability. They win over users with outstanding quality and workmanship. Choose our products and benefit from our first-class price-performance ratio. We would be happy to personally provide you with information about the advantages of individual devices for any application.

Great operating convenience for tools weighing up to 300 kg

The installation of white goods is especially convenient with cable hoists from Carl Stahl Kromer. They ensure greater operator comfort, and the necessary tools are kept at hand. Tools become nearly weightless during use. Discover the practical handling devices that can be used ideally in the area of white goods in several weight classes – for small tools and for larger, heavier loads.

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