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Reliable Assistants for Heavy Weights

Kromer Spring balancers (so-called “retractors”) and Kromer zero gravity balancers are unique products as a result of their durability and exceptionally high working precision. They are manufactured according to the most stringent quality standards and offer excellent long-term performance as evidenced by life tests. This makes them real examples of what is customarily associated with the term “Made in Germany”.

Kromer Spring balancers and Kromer zero gravity balancers offer reliable support for all sorts of overhead or assembly work. They help you to ensure smooth operations, increase staff productivity and cut costs at the same time.

Our products are being used and valued all over the world, e.g. by all the leading car manufacturers, in the butcher industry, by machine and plant manufacturers - to name but a few. It will be a pleasure to us to develop a customized concept for you as well, working closely together to make sure that our products will serve you to boost productivity and save money in a similar way.


With automatic retracting function, optionally with integrated retraction stop at predefined positions. Load range: 0.0 to 14 kg

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Supply of compressed air via a sturdy air hose. Ideal for pneumatically operated tools. Load range: 0.4 to 14 kg.

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A compensation or balancing force that remains constant across the entire length of the cable extension ensures that the suspended load (tool) is kept exactly in the desired position. Load range: 0.4 to 300 kg.

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It is now possible for the first time to “park” supply units safely, away of hazardous areas. Brake force ranges: 0,5–6 kg and 2–7 kg.

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